Specialist Temporary Works

Working in hazardous environments

Zenith’s core business focuses on the repair, refurbishment and demolition of large and complex structures such as industrial chimneys, hyperbolic cooling towers and flare stacks.

For what are potentially hazardous assignments, the ability to design temporary structures that permit safe access to all parts of the structure – inside and out – is crucially important.

Our origins in the rope access and steeplejack industries have given us an undoubted edge in fields such as confined space access and the design of bespoke scaffolds and cathead systems.

We have also delivered pioneering design to the petrochemical industry in flare stack refurbishment, creating a unique davit that has significantly improved the process of flare tip replacement by eliminating the need to use expensive cranes or helicopters.

Our expertise is recognised by leading organisations from the power, oil and gas industries.

4 Hour Reactive Maintenance

Zenith Conservation are specialists in reactive maintenance of structure and property, acting fast within a blazing fast 4 hour window.

Our Specialist Works Services

Structural Support


Zenith Conservation support on-site crews in carrying out inspections, repairs and lifting operations at height. Industry standard software packages are used, and designs are carried out in line with national standards.

Specialist Lifting


Zenith Conservations lifting solutions ensure safety whilst still being innovative and cost effective. Negating the use of cranes means roads and pathways do not need to be closed off.

Scaffolding Design


Zenith Conservation design complex scaffolding works using traditional engineering analysis and design techniques complimented by industry standard software.

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