Property Conservation

Preserving our built environment

The Zenith name is synonymous with structures. Large and small, old and new, we apply our knowledge to the inspection, maintenance, repair and restoration of commercial, industrial and historic buildings.

Where deemed essential we can also demolish structures now unsafe or at the end of their useful life.

Across all these areas, our ability to design innovative access solutions allows potentially hazardous assignments to be tackled safely and cost-effectively for clients including world leading oil, gas and petrochemical companies and public sector organisations throughout the world.


The common denominator is, of course, an intuitive understanding of structures – their function, fabric, construction and condition.

Our involvement spans the entire life cycle, from planning, design, client approval, through to fabrication and project completion, and it is this capability that enables Zenith to maintain consistently high standards of project delivery.

Our Property Consultancy Services

We specialise in design, calculations, 3D modeling and structural analysis and also in the compilation of condition and structural reports with permanent structural repair recommendations.



Zenith Conservation has extensive experience with new build and refurbishment projects across the civil and industrial engineering sector. State-of-the-art technology allows a full consultancy service.




A skilled and restrained approach is required to maintain original stone facades. Regular surveys and inspections can help prolong the life span of a building.

Commercial & Residential


Zenith Consultants expertise include the development of structural solutions to allow architects to refurbish buildings whilst retaining the original architectural features.

3D Modelling


Zenith Conservation can develop a geometrical representation of any 3D surface which allows clients to visualise proposed works, repairs and issues.

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